What Is Clear Choice?

Clear Choice is 3 simple steps for our customers that illustrate our commitment to transparency and our no-pressure sales process.

STEP 1: Receive your BEST price upfront. Everytime.

Our Market Based prices are clearly indicated on the pre-owned window sticker and the windshield. The homework and hard work has been done! We use various automotive resources to price the vehicle of your choice best in market.

STEP 2: Kelley Blue Book will appraise your car!

KBB is the most popular third party appraisal tool on the market. KBB is the most accurate and geographic specific guide that will enable fair market value for a trade without being biased. We also offer the KBB ICO (instant cash offer) which means we will buy your car even if you don't buy ours!! This is a REAL number you can take to the bank.

STEP 3: You Keep The Commission!!

Our Product Specialists are compensated to find the right vehicle for your needs. Our non-commissioned staff is able to pass those savings onto you!

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